About me.

More than 10000 hours of coaching, Personal Training and semiprivate classes. 30 years experience in the sports- and fitnessmarket.


  • graduate sports scientist

  • Mobility and Movement Coach

    Various advanced training courses and seminars in fitness, movement and yoga, including with Ido Portal, Paul Chek, GymnasticBodies and Julien Pineau.

  • Handstand Trainer

  • Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

  • Weightlifting and Powerlifting Trainer, Strongman Coach

  • qigong teacher

My Job is my passion

Hi, my name is Jakob and I am 38 years young. My whole life I have been into sports and movement. Ever since I was a young boy I loved playing outside and coming up with the wildest games. I tried all kinds of sports like Swimming, Tennis or Track and Field. But I loved team-sports the most. I stuck with Hockey, where my team was the runner up for the German National Champions. In my teen years I got into Basketball, which I played everyday until adulthood. We even went on to be German National Champions and I got to play in the first division.

After graduating High School it was clear to me. I was going to study Sports Science. A dream come true. Learning about all kinds of different sports and forms of movement plus deep insights into Exercise Kinesiology, Sports Medicine and Sports for children and youths.

I graduated from the University of Paderborn and started working as a Physical Education teacher at Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf, where since 2010 I had the pleasure of working with hundreds of children and teenagers and also learning a lot from them.

Since 2013 I have the oppertunity to coach Personal Training, Small Group Training and all kinds of classes at Crossfit and Fitness am Rhein.

A holistic approach is key

There my main objective is through a holistic approach to change the lifes of my clients for the better. Not only do I want to increase their Mobility, Strength, Conditioning and Coordination, but also work on lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, stress and mental outlook.

Equipped with a growth-mindset, I try to increase my knowledge everyday, be it through seminars, workshops, books, podcasts or the communication with other coaches and trainers.

With over 10000 hours of coaching Personal Training and Semiprivate Classes and over 30 years experience in the sports- and fitnessmarket I am forever grateful to my clients for giving me the opportunity to follow my passion and to be reaching their goals with them and much more.

Could I spark your interest? Then let us meet up in person. That ist he best way to get a feel if I am the right health expert for you.